Technologies in market research

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Technologies in market research

With the development of Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence AI, research tools will no longer be obsolete, undelicate, time and manpower consuming.

New market research solutions will automatically analyze in-depth data from clients, research strategies are proactively conducted by consumers, which ensures timeliness. Analyzed data is real-time reported, allowing enterprises to answer following questions:

Who are enteprises’ customers (New customers, old customers, customer ID, gender and age)?

Customer shopping tendencies (Peak shopping hour)?

Customer shopping behavior at stores (Shopping process at stores, Average shopping time)?

Customer feedback on service quality (Loyalty rate, reasons for unsatisfaction)?

Effectiveness of new strategies (CR, ATV, AVG…)?

Which factors have impacts on business performance?

How Industry 4.0 has changed market research?

And, by which way?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications along with Digital technologies development. New market research solutions can automatically conduct survey and provide real-time results.

Traffic analysis solutions

Statistics of traffic at a location. Analyze trends by day, by month, identify peak hours, evaluate business performance.

Gender & Age detecting solutions

AI facial detecting cameras are capable of recognizing customers’ gender & age then making an analytical report. Based on that data, managers know about customer insights and can adjust business plan and media messages properly.

How Industry 4.0 has changed the ways of doing market research?

Automatically analyze by gender, age to get customer insights

Customer identification and management

Recognize new and old customers, identify VIP customers. Monitor client purchase behavior, detect signs of customers leaving enterprise.

Customer satisfaction measuring solutions

Customers can actively give feedback and reasons for their dissatisfaction. Customer satisfaction measuring tools help enterprises save market research expenses and ensure the delicacy, timeliness.

Online and Online correlation

The correlation between the numbers of visitors on business website, social networks and at physical stores shows the correalation between these 2 channels. Based on that, managers can recognize their mututal influence level and choose the most suitable tool

A/B testing (Customer engagement measurement)

Sample surveys about customer behavior inside stores to collect basic information (gender, age, customer identification). Additionally, managers can know about customers’ shopping process, shopping time in stores, their interaction with displayed products.

ACS Analytics platform

With ACS Analytics platform, managers no longer have to waste time for data collection, data input, analysis and descriptive statistics. Reporting system will automatically analyze and visualize data precisely and objectively. Based on that, managers can know about customers’ tendencies, business performance etc.

How Industry 4.0 has changed the ways of doing market research

Data is analyzed and reported by real-time

Above are new solutions in Industry 4.0 that help enterprises do market research and renovate operating system. Especially resolve problems in old methods, save time, cost and ensure to collect accurate, objective data

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