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Market research company

A Vietnamese professional market research company

HOSHA market research company

We conduct Research market for clients’ prioritized plans and ensure successful output for each surveyed product category and segment:

Budget for market research covers from:

+ small (thousands $)

+ Medium (dozens thousand $)

+ Big (hundreds thousand/million $)

Specify “Target objects for research demand”

Specify “Potential market segments”

Analyze result from survey data, apply and exploit in business performance enhancement.

Multiply return with N times, multiply invesment with N times

The process is repeated, which ensures the profitability of the investment in market research.

Contact us for consultation about doing market research with HOSHA

Mobile phone: 0906358114

Email: hosha@hosha.vn

Website: hosha.vn

Our missions are to provide data collection services that meet highest international standards at a reasonable price and bring benefits to our clients. We aim to share solutions in accordance with clients’ demands with verifiable quality control processes. HOSHA’s services are offered to both international and domestic clients.

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