• Qualitative Research
    In-depth behavior understanding

    Study related behavior to better understand consumers.

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  • Quantitative Research

    HOSHA’s solutions help clients make precise plans for exploring growth opportunities.

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  • Focus Group Discussions (FGDs)

    Focus Group Discussions support to recognize deep insights into concepts, behavior, attitude of consumers.

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  • Research Social media consumers

    A new method to approach the online community

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  • Panel online

    An optimal choice which is most efficient and cost-saving for clients.
    We will send a survey link to panels to collect direct responses (panel database is extracted from HOSHA’s Big Data)

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Our missions are to provide data collection services that meet highest international standards at a reasonable price and bring benefits to our clients. We aim to share solutions in accordance with clients’ demands with verifiable quality control processes.

HOSHA’s services are offered to both international and domestic clients.

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HOSHA services foundation

With our slogan “Quality is Preeminence”, our enthusiasm and dedication bring confidence for clients when cooperating with us

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After years of establishment and constant effort, HOSHA is proud of making a substantial contribution to clients

Why choosing HOSHA?

HOSHA Joint Stock Company pay a special attention to quality control process among the overall research activities.

Always being customer-oriented, it is important that clients know exactly what they can expect from HOSHA, a high customer satisfaction level is our key motivation.

Apply Interview quality control standards for Data Collection in compliance with ISO 20252 (the International Quality Standards for Market Research and Social Research).

Strategic direction for clients is outlined in a detailed master picture

HOSHA ensures projects to run on schedule and with high quality. That is the premise for HOSHA’s sustainable growth over time

Client confidentiality is extremely important to HOSHA

HOSHA is always open to response to your any inquiries


HOSHA IS COMMITTED TO ENTHUSIASM, PASSION AND DETERMINATION TO WHICH WE PURSUE WITH ALL OUR HEART. Our team has long experience working in market research with deep specialized expertise.


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