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HOSHA Joint Stock Company is committed to providing complete products, solutions, frequently updating to satisfy clients’ expectation.

– Quality Goals: Maintain stable quality, on-schedule project deliverable, complete services, effective competitiveness

– Quality control system, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) help enhance overall efficiency and leverage quality control, in particular:

@ Complete tasks on time with better supervision.

@ Improve customer services for making quick decisions based on easy-to-use reports and analysis.

@ Control over resources, cash flow and accounting.

–  ISO 9001:2008 Quality Control system

@ Demonstrate the capability to provide satisfactory products for clients, in compliant with current laws and regulations.

@ Increase partners’ satisfaction through applying systems effectively and constantly improving systems, ensuring to meet all clients’ needs in compliance with current laws and regulations.

– ISO 14001:2004 Environmental management system, with our slogan “IMPROVE AND PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT”, we are committed to building, implementing and maintaining the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental management system, based on following principles:

@ Strictly comply with regulations and other requirements in regard with the company environment.

@ Always consider innovating our operation, proactively deploy our targets and renovative programs in order to complete the environmental system.

@ Protect the environment by effectively control waste, natural resources and environmental incidents by performing appropriate and effective management and monitoring.

@ Increase training and notifying company staffs and other parties with environmental information, ensuring resources that meet requirements for the environmental management system.

@ Our company hopes to contribute to making a better environment for life.

@ Organize the workplace to avoid waste (in time, resources and manpower) which is resulted by inefficient work organization.

– TPM (Total Productive Mainternance)

@ Inclusive efficiency maintenance

@ Actively maintain and take precaution to maximize equipment life.

@ Analyze to the root causes to ensure the entire elimination of the issues by focusing on the root causes, after answering 5 times to the “why” question to identify the hidden issues.

– KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

@ Key performance indicator

@ All work is assigned with KPI to monitor and encourage the improvement among staffs, aiming to completing important goals of the company.

– For more detailed please contact:

# HOSHA Joint Stock Company

# Address: No. 316 Le Van Sy Street, Ward 1, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

# Hotline: 09063.58114

# Email: hosha@hosha.vn

# Website: hosha.vn

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