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Market research company

At present, there are not many market research companies in Viet Nam, but in Ho Chi Minh City, you can seek and rely on HOSHA for the Best Services

Market research agency

Consultation for enterprises or new startups!

You have a business initiative, but don’t know target customers?

You have difficulties finding target customers?

Is your new product welcomed by customers?

What is customer demand?

All successes and achievements in doing businesses are focused on target customers. Customer satisfaction is the key factor that decides the success or failure of a business strategy. Market research is the first and foremost step. That step means: a process of exploring customer demand, inspecting their expectation and investigating preliminary information for your business project.

HOSHA Joint Stock Company will support and provide essential information that precisely reflects market situation in the most objective and comprehensive perspective.

Contact HOSHA through our email: hosha@hosha.vn

or hotline: 0906 358 114 Mr. Son Ha (for any inquiry).

Website: hosha.vn

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