• Qualitative research
    Behavior depth

    Study related behaviors to understand more about consumers.

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  • Quantitative research

    Our solution will help customers make plans
    Accurate to explore growth opportunities.

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  • Discussion groups (FGDs)

    Group discussions will help to understand the information in a way
    Insights into behavior, attitudes and behaviors of consumers.

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  • Research Consumers
    Social networking

    Is a new way to reach the online community.

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Welcome to HOSHA

Our mission is to provide data collection services in accordance with the highest international standards at reasonable prices and benefit the companies / partners. Our goal is to provide the solutions customers need with proven quality control processes.

We focus on providing services to international partners and domestic clients.


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We gather the most in enthusiasm and concentration from which to create trust and hope.

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After many years of trying, we are proud to have created a great value to offer to everyone.

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HOSHA particularly values the quality management process throughout its research activities.

Always on the lookout for customers, we think it is important that you know exactly what you can expect from us, and that the level of customer satisfaction is the driving force behind our efforts.

Applying Quality Management Standards Interviewees are ISO 20252 (International Quality Standards for Market Research and Social Research) for Data Collection.

Your directional strategy will outline what you want to do, and the rest of the plan will provide details on how we will do it.

We ensure the project is on schedule and quality. That is why we can survive and grow sustainably over time

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